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What should you ask before buying CBD?

Did you know that CBD retailers are completely unregulated? If you are wondering why you are seeing CBD products everywhere, from the gas station to the kiosk at the mall, it's because there is no licensing or oversight of retail CBD sales. To ensure that you buy a genuine, quality product you need to know what to ask. First, does the seller have 3rd party-testing from an independent lab confirming potency and purity? Will they show that testing to you and explain how it relates to their products? If not, walk away. It is also important to know if the seller has a relationship with the farm where the hemp was grown and processed. Have they been to the farm and seen how they operate?

If your seller provides you with 3rd party-testing and can talk to you about their relationship with their grower/processor you are likely in a good place to buy CBD. At Central Kentucky Hemp it is important to us to provide a product we can stand behind. We stand behind it because we follow it from the hemp fields until it hits our shelves. Ask us about our grower/processor and ask to see our 3rd party-testing. Come in or contact us online with any questions you have about our products. #Trusted #Local #Organic



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These products have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. All products contain .3% thc or less according to the 2018 Farm Bill

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