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Buying from a small CBD business

CBD is popping up everywhere from your local gas station to the supermarket. A couple of national drug stores chains are also now selling CBD products. So how do you decide where to buy CBD?

When you buy CBD look for a small business that has a relationship with the farmer who grew and processed the hemp the CBD was derived from. You are much more likely to get a premium quality product when the seller has access to the farm where the hemp was grown. Our relationship with our Kentucky Proud farmer/processor allows us to be in the hemp field when the plants are growing and to see how the plant material is processed. Buying from small, local sellers supports not only the seller's business but the local grower and processor as well.

I recently compared a CBD salve available at a national chain drugstore with the salve that we make in small batches at Central Kentucky Hemp. Our CBD Relief Inflammation Salve has 5 organic ingredients and nothing artificial. The chain store salve has a long ingredient list with several unpronounceable components. Check the label before buying CBD products and ask the seller about the ingredients, where and how it was made. Being an informed consumer helps ensure you get a quality CBD product.


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