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Anxiety in the Age of Covid 19

If you have been a customer for a while you may know that I have an anxiety disorder. Before Covid 19 arrived on the scene I would often wake up already feeling anxious about nothing in particular. This pandemic is like a confirmation of every worry I’ve ever had and tried to tell myself was irrational

. It is tough for the anxious mind to be mindful or to stay in the moment. My brain is constantly worrying several steps ahead. So how am I coping in the midst of this crazy pandemic? I am lucky to be quarantined with the strongest, smartest, most supportive husband and am spending lots of time communicating with my kids. He and I taught ourselves how to sew and have been making masks for healthcare workers which makes me feel like I’m doing something productive. I’m trying to exercise every day. I am also leaning heavily on Full Spectrum CBD. I have been taking Full Spectrum CBD for a while now and it has been the most effective tool to manage my anxiety. I take it in the morning to ease the fear I often wake up with. I use it to help me sleep through the night, and I take an extra dose as needed if I’m really feeling agitated. Full Spectrum CBD has been a game-changer for me, and that’s one of the reasons we opened Central Kentucky Hemp. If you are suffering as so many are right now, know that you are not alone. Reach out to loved ones and friends. Get outside if you can. Exercise. Eat right. And if you’d like more information about using CBD to manage anxiety get in touch.


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